Student support services

I.T support

Students can contact KAL's IT department for support in relation to emails, passwords, software and toolboxes relevant to their studies. Contact: 1800 244 438 and ask for IT support

Computer skills

KAL offers students basic short classes in computer skills to help them learn how to access internet and email, navigate the online learning systems and other basic computer skills.

Counselling referrals

KAL can refer students to counselling services provided by Life Resolutions on 1300 136 297.

English as a second language

KAL can refer students to ESL classes and support provided by Westgate Community Initiatives Group (WCIG) on 1800244438.

Centrelink assistance

KAL has staff available to help students handle centrelink enquiries and support.


KAL has a list of local childcare centres for students to access upon request for students who require assistance.

Medical services

KAL has a list of local medical practitioners available upon request for students who require medical services.

Study area

Students can book study times for computers and classrooms for private or group study.


For remote students who wish to have face to face appointments, KAL has a dedicated Skype profile for students to access. (SKYPE:

Payment Plans for Course Fees

Students can discuss payment plans for upfront fees with KAL staff at any time during their course.

In Class Care Plan

Students who attend class and require medical assistance while on campus can put together an in-class care plan with KAL staff. Students may need assistance physically (due to an injury or on-going condition) or have a care plan that might involve diabetes (snack Pack) or for those who have epilepsy can work out a plan with staff to ensure that if they don't feel 100% while at the campus they can take time out. If you feel like you may need assistance please speak to a KAL staff member.

Under 18 students

KAL can provide extra support to students under the age of 18 such as career counselling, extra study time during school hoildays, assistance with resume writing etc.

Student forms

These forms are free to download for student use depending on their educational requirements. You can submit these forms at the KAL office or via mail

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