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KAL Training offers Vet in School courses in media, IT, early childhood, and business administration to year 9 - 12 students. Our SBAT program gives you a head start in your career. Whether you want to go to university or start working straight away, you will have an advantage over others.

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"Firstly, I would like to thank the coordinator and the staff members at the office. They have helped me achieve my goals in finishing this course. The help I've recieved is always very useful, and have solved and reduced the problems I had during the training period. Secondly I would like to thank the tutors; they have been very professional and helpful. They helped me when I have needed to ask questions and advice. Lastly, the course covered a wide range of information and materials. I found the content is well structured and valuable. I enjoyed it, and I think it's very worthwhile. "

Miranda - Children's Services

"Me and a friend continued on into Diploma of Screen and Media after doing a Certificate IV at KAL the previous year, and now after finishing both of them - I can safely say it was a terrific experience. I got to use a wide range of equipment, and studied in a much more practical sense than I would have thought. We had access to industry level gear, and mentors. I just wish KAL had MORE courses! ."

Michael Drlja - Screen and Media

"I am going well with placement and have been getting paid work, as well as student time. I am really enjoying working with the children as my group are all aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children - and they're teaching me new things as well."

Barbra - Children's Services

"I am currently studying Certificate III in Children's Services at KAL Training and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I decided to take up this course because I love looking after children. I would definitely recommend KAL Training to any friends who are interested in studying."

Stephanie Damaggio - Childrens Services

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